Water views, beautiful sunsets, and an amazing Bermuda Cottage to call “home”!

Kanga-Rew Cottage Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions: Kanga-Rew Cottage, 118 Middle Rd., Southampton, SN 01 Bermuda

In respect of the furnished vacation rental you have booked that is situated in the islands of Bermuda at 118 Middle Rd., Southampton, the terms are as follows:

  1. The Owner agrees to rent the Property to the Occupier for a period commencing on the arrival date (the Arrival Date) and ending on the departure date (the Departure Date) the total period being (the Rental Period).
  2. The Owner and the Occupier accept the deposit and security deposit terms as set out in the external website, or channel, where the traveller booked the rental reservation, i.e. the booking channel through which the Rental was established (the Booking Channel). Alternatively, on the date of this agreement the Occupier will pay to the Owner a deposit in the sum of 15% of the Rental Fee (the Down Payment) which will be held as a down payment against payment of the Rental Fee.
  3. In consideration of the rental of the Property by the Owner to the Occupier, the Occupier shall pay to the Owner the rental fee (the Rental Fee), as set out in the terms & conditions of the Booking Channel. Alternatively, the Occupier shall pay to the Owner the Rental Fee directly, payable in full at least 8 weeks prior to the Arrival Date (the Payment Date).
  4. The Rental Fee includes costs of cable television, wireless Internet service, electricity and water for the Rental Period.
  5. The Occupier undertakes with the Owner as follows

    5.1 to pay to the Owner the Rental Fee as required by the Booking Channel’s specifications. Alternatively, to pay to the Owner the Rental Fee at least 8 weeks prior to Arrival Date

    5.2 to use the Property as a private vacation residence and for no other purpose

    5.3 not to cause or permit to be caused any nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to any neighboring or adjoining property or to any third party

    5.4 to maintain the Property in good order and clean and tidy condition (fair wear and tear excepted), without limitation to be responsible for any loss or damage occasioned by negligent act or omission of the Occupier or any third party present at the Property with the express or implied consent of the Occupier, and to deliver up the Property in such manner on the Departure Date.

    5.5 to maintain all fixtures and fittings, furniture and household effects at the Property in good order and clean and tidy condition (fair wear and tear excepted), to replace any such items found to be missing, destroyed or damaged with items of at least an equivalent value and standard, and to deliver up the same in their entirety in such manner on the Departure Date.

    5.6 not to alter or otherwise modify in any way the Property, the fixtures and fittings, furniture and household effects and the layout thereof

    5.7 not to assign sublet or part with the possession or occupation of the Property or any part thereof

    5.8 not to smoke cigarettes, pipes, cigars or any tobacco products inside the structure of the Property

    5.9 to avoid unreasonable use or wastage of electricity, telephone and water supplied to the Property during the Rental period and in particular to be responsible for all charges
    (i) for overseas telephone calls
    (ii) all pay per view satellite movies viewed
    (iii) any excessive amount of water used

    5.10 to authorize the Owner to carry out any repairs which in the Owners discretion are deemed necessary during the Rental Period and without claiming any indemnity or reduction in rent

    5.11 to notify the Owner immediately of any incident causing damage to the Property or any fixtures or fittings, furniture or household effects at the Property

    5.12 to ensure that the Property is properly secured at all times

    5.13 not to do anything or suffer or permit to be done anything the result of which may be to render the Owners policy of insurance for the Property to be void or voidable or the premium increased for any reason

    5.14 not to allow any pets onto the Property (unless they are deemed service animals or permission has been given by the owner)

    5.15 not to play or permit to be played any instrument or sound producing equipment at the Property between the hours of 11pm and 7.30am each day

    5.16 not to use or permit to be used the Property for any illegal or immoral purposes.
  6. Within 7 days of the Departure Date the Owner will carry out an inspection of the Property (the Inspection Date). If the Rental was booked through a Booking Channel, the Booking Channel security deposit terms will apply. Alternatively, the Owner/Agent will refund the Deposit to the Occupier no more than 60 days after the Inspection Date. The Owner will be entitled to deduct all costs properly incurred in respect of any breach of the occupier covenants listed at clause 5 above, in respect of any other breach of the terms of this agreement. You must also acknowledge: if you damage the home, you may be charged up to $500.
  7. The maximum number of occupants is limited to up to 4 guests.
  8. The Owner covenants with the Occupier to ensure that the Property is clean and in habitable condition at the Arrival Date
  9. In the event that the Rental Fee has not been paid by the Payment Date then the Owner or Owners Agent may thereafter terminate this agreement at any time in which case the Owner shall be entitled to retain the entirety of the Down Payment.
  10. Where the Rental was booked through a Booking Channel, the Booking Channel’s Cancelation Policy will be in effect. Alternatively, in the event that the Occupier wishes to terminate this agreement then he may so by writing and such notice will take effect on the date of receipt by the Owner or Owners Agent. In such case, the Down Payment and the Rental Fee will be refunded to the Tenant less the cancellation charges outlined below:

    Less than 2 weeks prior to Arrival Date - 100% of Rental Fee
    Between 2 and 5 weeks before Arrival Date - 75% of Rental Fee.
    Between 5 and 8 weeks before Arrival Date - 50% of Rental Fee
    More than 8 weeks before Arrival Date - 0% of Rental Fee.
  11. Both parties hereby agree and declare as follows 

    11.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of Bermuda. It is mutually understood and agreed that any dispute, claim or other matter that arises out of this agreement is to be dealt with by the courts of Bermuda

    11.2 It is the responsibility of the Occupier to ensure that their personal possessions are insured. The Owner does not accept liability for theft of, loss or damage to personal possessions

    11.3 It is unlikely that the Owner will seek to cancel this agreement or otherwise make any changes hereto. However, occasionally the Owner may have to make changes and reserves the right to do so at any time. If the Owner is forced to cancel this agreement by reason of force majeure or any other reason that makes the Property unavailable or unfit for occupation, the Owner reserves full right to do so without payment of compensation and in such case the Owners liability will be limited to a full refund of the Deposit and the Rental Fee. The Owner is not liable for any consequential loss or incidental expenditure arising from the cancellation of this agreement.

    11.4 The Occupier is advised to arrange adequate travel insurance for cover in case of cancellation for any reason

    11.5 The Owner does not accept responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of third parties which may prevent or disrupt the occupancy of the Property by the Occupier in accordance with the terms of this agreement. This agreement exists between the Owner and the Occupier and is limited to the occupation of the Property only. The information and descriptions supplied are believed to be accurate and are offered in good faith. It may be possible that certain facilities or features may not be available on occasions due to circumstances beyond the Owners control for which the Owner accepts no responsibility

    11.6 The Owner accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage to the Occupier, any member of the Occupiers party or any visitor to the Property arising out of or in connection with the use of the Property. The Occupier must ensure that all children are supervised at all times whilst in and around the Property.